Golf Handicap Calculator


Handicap Calculator

If your not a member of a golf club or a recognised golf society then the chances are you do not know your current handicap. If your a weekend player then your probably not bothered about having a handicap or need one, but sometimes wouldn't you just like to see how much you've improved from the day you first picked up a golf club?

Enter your last three gross scores in the fields provided. Its best if you enter three scores played on the same golf course or courses with the same par.

Golf Handicap Calculator
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What is a Handicap? A golf handicap is a numerical measure of a golfer's playing ability. It can be used to calculate a net score from the number of strokes actually played, this allows players of all levels to play against each other equally. Handicaps are traditionally administered by golf clubs but there are now many golf associations and societies who can administer valid handicaps.

Why do I need a handicap? You don’t need a handicap if you only plan to play pay and play golf courses but you would if you were invited to a private golf club who required a handicap certificated. You would also need a valid handicap certificate to enter in golf competitions.

What's the highest handicap? For men the highest handicap you can have is 28, women 36 and juniors 29-54

What does it mean to play off scratch? Playing off scratch means you should be capable of playing an 18 hole course to par or better. Example a par 72 18 hole golf course requires 72 strokes to play all 18 holes, if you play off scratch you are expected to take 72 strokes or less.

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